Tzama 2022 - Men's Show

Starts: December 8, 2022

Tzama 2022 - Men's Show

ICC Jerusalem is proud to host the women's event of :

"Tzama" 2022

When you are together, it just happens!

The program includes a main show, a Hasidic book fair, exhibitions and more. The Hasidic Fair is open throughout the day.

This is a unique event, presenting ancient melodies from the world of the Hasidic movement in a contemporary musical language.
The melodies, which turn out to be relevant and exciting even these days, are performed by the best Israeli artists and thus they are revived and  an integral part of the playlist of every home in Israel.
The melodies presented by "Tzama"  are revealed to the public at  Binyanei Hauma, during the "Hasidic Week" - a fair held every year on the days leading up to the holiday of redemption, 19 Kislev.
They are also broadcast on various music channels, radio stations and media.
So far, six "Tzama" albums have been released.

The men's performances will take place on Saturday night, December 10 at 20:30, and on Monday December 12, at 18:30 and 21:30.

Participants: Moti Steinmetz, Avraham Fried, Akiva , Idan Amedi and more...

For details and registration, go to the link below

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Getting at ICC

The International Convention Center – Binyanei Hauma, is located on the entrance to Jerusalem, within a short car drive from Tel Aviv and even shorter from the Ben Gurion International Airport. It is accessible from roads No. 1, No. 6 (a toll road), and No. 443. As such, it is highly accessible from any direction. The Center is a few minutes-walk from the Railway Station, the Light Train station, and the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

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