In the Heart of Africa

'In the heart of Africa' is a photography project that documents my third voyage across Africa. I usually choose my destination according to the exotic landscape, in anticipation of documenting breathtaking nature. This time my main motivation was the human landscape.
In my previous travels to this continent I found myself mesmerized by the children of Africa and so, I decided to dedicate this journey to them. I was excited by the challenge, as well as the opportunity to come back to this continent and allow myself to focus on what draws my lens beyond the natural landscape.

On a two month journey, covering 8,000 km across 7 countries, I was just waiting for an opportunity to attach the right lenses and focus on the children of Africa. Every opportunity for an encounter was a documentary gem that kept taking up a greater part of the journey. The camera and the lenses simply waited for the children, and that is how the magic happened.

This time, the journey flooded me with the conflict I've been experiencing for years between the western world and its Western concepts, and third world countries and their lifestyle.
The more children I met on my travels and the more I delved into the depths of Africa, my mindset began to change, and gradually, I abandoned my perception of childhood in third world countries and discovered a different aspect. I saw in their faces a smile, a look, happiness. This led me to the powerful conclusion that happiness is simplicity, and for them it’s a daily practice.

There, through the lens of my camera, time and time again, I discovered a different Africa from the one I had thought I'd known - all due to the children. I admit it didn’t take them long to convince me to reshape my impressions. 'In the heart of Africa', with my camera as a mediator, I shed my prejudice, and allowed myself to go with the children into the world, as they see it.
The exhibit features selected images, portraying the children of Africa in a slightly different way than you are accustomed to- daily situations, childish bashfulness, curiosity, happiness and joy, as only the children of Africa can portray.
Those who have not set foot there will never understand; those who do- will be addicted.

Ilan Zvuluni

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