Ongoing time / Metal wall sculptures-Uri Dushy

With 30 years of creative work including and dozens of environmental sculpture projects across Israel as well as overseas, Uri Dushy has succeeded in establishing his position as a leading artistic figure with an extensive presence in the panorama of Israeli art.

Uri explores the sources of art in his own uncompromising way, creating in unprecedented artistic genres to develop his mastery, adopting top-quality production processes. Alongside the development of his unique personal artistic style, Uri maintains an original, bold and affectionate perspective, giving the environment in which he creates a spectacular and unique character.

The wall sculptures exhibited here are composed of two-dimensional clusters of figures that create an impressive sense of movement. The scene of the figures progresses through the entire space of the sculpture, presenting a theatrical image. The vivid colorfulness of the sculptures creates the movement and the plastic presence of the space where they hang. The pieces focus on concepts of time in the modern era - from elusive time where one cannot do everything possible, to quality time where one lives in the present moment linked to nature and to man.

His works are displayed in his jaffa gallery and beautify public and private spaces in Israel and elsewhere, and are included in many international exhibitions.

The exhibition is displayed in the portico of Ussishkin East Hall
To arrange your arrival, please call: 026558558

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