Mera San

kimono belt created out of paper

Working in paper, iron and plastic, Artist Ohad Tsfati (b. 1960) integrates the personal and the traditional. In the early 2000s, Tsfati studied industrial design in Japan and since then has been dealing with paper-based sculpture using a traditional Japan method.

The work presented, Mera San, is named for the master of kimono clothing, and was the outcome of a chance encounter between Tsfati and a Japanese woman he met on a flight to Japan. At the end of the flight, the woman bowed and told Tsfati that she is a traditional kimono dresser by profession. Right then, Tsfati decided to create a kimono belt out of paper, even though originally the belt, known as the obi (),is made of 4 meters of silk and considered a key element of the traditional outfit. Tsfati says of his work process: "It is paper reinforced by laminations and paints taken from the ancient Israeli leather-making tradition. For me, the obi, is a connecting and balancing element that serves as a kind of "equator" between all the parts and colors that compose the entire outfit."

Ohad Tsfati has presented at several exhibitions both in Israel and elsewhere.

The exhibition is on display in the Teddy Hall Lounge at the International Convention Center, 1 Shazar Blvd. Jerusalem.
To arrange an arrival, please call: 026558558


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Getting at ICC

The International Convention Center – Binyanei Hauma, is located on the entrance to Jerusalem, within a short car drive from Tel Aviv and even shorter from the Ben Gurion International Airport. It is accessible from roads No. 1, No. 6 (a toll road), and No. 443. As such, it is highly accessible from any direction. The Center is a few minutes-walk from the Railway Station, the Light Train station, and the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

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