Long Exposure

Born in 1985, Nimrod Genisher, and independent professional photographer deals with a variety of subjects in his work. Drawn to photography since childhood, he is an autodidact by nature. He acquired his knowledge of photography on his own over the past decade, during which he has constantly studied different techniques and enhanced his professional skills. His images are held in high esteem and decorate many homes and offices and have even won competitions in Israel and overseas.

Driven by a unique perspective and a great passion for esthetics, his sharp eye sensitive to texture and detail, Nimrod is in a constant creative search for the next thrilling visual. This search led him to focus on shooting night skies, taking him north to the Arctic Circle where the Aurora Borealis can be seen in full splendor, and south to the Negev Mountains to shoot the sparkling starry nights in a majestic mosaic of light and dark enhanced into an amazing experience.

Creating a spectacular photo that reflects and replicates the range of hues in the sky and the motion of the stars requires a ‘long exposure’ – a slow shutter speed that allows plenty of light to penetrate the camera lens. In this exhibition, Nimrod displays pictures all created using the long exposure technique, with careful attention to details as well as to the overall composition, sometimes even under conditions of total darkness.

The results are absolutely breathtaking and astonish the viewer with this experience of creation.

Eran Litvin - Curator

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Getting at ICC

The International Convention Center – Binyanei Hauma, is located on the entrance to Jerusalem, within a short car drive from Tel Aviv and even shorter from the Ben Gurion International Airport. It is accessible from roads No. 1, No. 6 (a toll road), and No. 443. As such, it is highly accessible from any direction. The Center is a few minutes-walk from the Railway Station, the Light Train station, and the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

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