“Being there” – The Nature Photography of David Monsonego

“Being there” – The Nature Photography of David Monsonego

The strong sensation that grips the observer of David Monsonego's photographs is of being close to the photographer as he is taking a shot, being part of the drama taking place at the moment the camera clicks.

Nature photography, by definition, requires the ability to catch one dynamic moment that will not reoccur.

 Animals, by nature, cannot be staged and so the photographer has the task of remaining constantly on the alert.

Monsonego says: “The camera is my incentive to be where things are happening and to work with all my senses. My chief ambition is to integrate into nature, to observe the animal whether a predator or an ant and photograph it ‘eye-to-eye’, thereby trying to create a kind of communication, to feel equal among equals, and to capture that intimate moment.”Monsonego's guiding principle in his photography of primordial landscapes is to pay attention to the smallest details in order to create the perfect photograph.

The exhibition is located at: Ussishkin West Lounge.

To arrange your arrival, please call: 026558558

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