Shulamit Kopf’s hand intuitively reaches for a certain color even before it registers in her conscious thought. Her wall sculptures are made of canvas, which, at the beginning of the process, she paints with special Japanese Sumi ink with a wide brush and roller, lines that curve, meander, meet and veer away. Kopf began folding the canvas to create new intersections for the lines to meet, creating a multi-layer hybrid work that blurs the lines between traditional painting and sculpture.

  Kopf was born in Tel Aviv and, at an early age, moved to the U.S. with her family.

 At the same time, she began to paint, focusing first on landscape paintings. Colors and textures replaced the written words of a journalist.

Curator: Eran Litvin

For the full description you are invited to come and be impressed.
The exhibition is displayed in the Teddy Hall Lounge,
To arrange your arrival, please call: 026558558

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Getting at ICC

The International Convention Center – Binyanei Hauma, is located on the entrance to Jerusalem, within a short car drive from Tel Aviv and even shorter from the Ben Gurion International Airport. It is accessible from roads No. 1, No. 6 (a toll road), and No. 443. As such, it is highly accessible from any direction. The Center is a few minutes-walk from the Railway Station, the Light Train station, and the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

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