Facial close-up, camera zoom out

Israeli music in the photographs of Gerard Allon

Gerard Allon was one of the leaders of the change in Israeli photography in the dramatic decade following the Yom Kippur War. A retrospective look at his work reveals an outstanding photographer who managed to capture the social energies of a turbulent period, bringing the artistic closer to the popular and the commercial to the social. Alon formulated a new professional approach to the growing field of record covers, he was a fashion photographer and photographer-in-residence at Habima Theater, and at the same time, created significant personal works.

The exhibition "Facial close-up, camera Zoom Out", focuses on the photographic works on the subject of music that Allon created from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. These photographs, created for record companies and public relations firms, highlight Gerard Allon's abilities as a photographer-artist. This exhibition is part of the exhibition "Gerard Alon – A Retrospective", presented at the Ashdod Museum of Art.

Curator: Eran Litvin

The exhibition title is a quote from the song “Wooden Horse” - lyrics: Yaakov Rotblit

For the full description you are invited to come and be impressed.
The exhibition is displayed in the lounge of Ussishkin West Hall
To arrange your arrival, please call: 026558558

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